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IASR Vol. 37, No.1 (No. 431) January 2016

  topicErythema infectiosum (Human parvovirus B19 infection)

  • Epidemiology of pediatric erythema infectiosum among in the Shizuoka area
  • Laboratory diagnosis and epidemiology of parvovirus B19 in Metropolitan Tokyo, January 2009-October 2015
  • Clinical features and epidemiology of adult erythema infectiosum cases in Fukuchiyama area of Kyoto Prefecture
  • Mother to child transmission of parvovirus B19 in Japan, 2011
  • Results of screening donated blood for parvovirus B19 in Japan
  • Laboratory diagnosis of parvovirus B19
  • Epidemiology of parvovirus B19 abroad–literature review
  • Detection of enterovirus D68 from two pediatric cases including a paralytic case, August-September 2015–Aomori Prefecture
  • Association between the number of hospitalized patients with asthma complaints and enterovirus D68 activity, 2013-2015–Saitama City
  • Four pediatric cases suggestive of acute local spread of enterovirus D68, September 2015–Sendai City
  • Trends in carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infection under the NESID system, Japan, September 2014-August 2015
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