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IASR Vol. 39,
No. 1 (No. 455) January 2018

  topicInvasive meningococcal infection, April 2013-October 2017, Japan

  • Seroepidemiologic and molecular epidemiologic analysis of invasive meningococcal infections in Japan, 2013-2017
  • A case of meningococcal infection attributed to transmission on an airplane, 2015—Osaka City
  • An outbreak of invasive meningococcal infection in a communal living facility, April 2017
  • A case patient with rapidly progressing invasive meningococcal infection: treatment and response
  • Summary of meningococcal infections overseas
  • A family cluster of EV-D68 infections attributed to importation from abroad, September 2017
  • Description of norovirus detections in Nara Prefecture, 2016/17 season
  • Amendment to the national notifiable infectious disease list under the Infectious Diseases Control Law—1 January 2018
Copyright 1998 National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan