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IASR Vol. 39,
No. 2 (No. 456) February 2018

  topicHansen’s disease (Leprosy)

  • Leprosy: from infection with Mycobacterium leprae, incubation, to manifestation of disease
  • Controlling lepra reactions associated with leprosy
  • Development of new diagnostic methods for the early detection of leprosy
  • Diagnosis of a Japanese case patient with newly-developed leprosy in Honshu, Japan
  • Trends in leprosy in Okinawa prefecture
  • Leprosy in the WHO Western Pacific Region
  • Leprosy as a neglected tropical disease
  • The role of non-governmental organizations in the fight against leprosy
  • Circulation of influenza B Yamagata lineage in the first half of the 2017/18 influenza season—Yokohama City
  • An outbreak of hepatitis A in Nagano Prefecture, 2017
  • A case of tetanus in a 10-year-old who did not receive a booster DT vaccine
  • Detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia from effluent of sewage and water treatment plants, April 2008-February 2014
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