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IASR Vol. 39,
No. 12 (No. 466) December 2018

  topicRespiratory syncytial virus infection, January 2014-September 2018

  • RSV infection surveillance: historic trends and future considerations
  • An outbreak of RSV among adults, August 2014
  • RSV infection in the elderly
  • Molecular epidemiology of RSV
  • Molecular epidemiology of RSV from RSV detected primarily from Aomori, Gunma, and Kumamoto Prefectures
  • Novel human metapneumovirus with duplication in the G gene,Yokohama City
  • The clinical importance of palivizumab administration
  • Latest information regarding RSV vaccine development and global surveillance
  • Detection of enterovirus D68 from three children, September-October 2018, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Detection of enterovirus D68 from a patient with acute encephalitis and a patient with acute flaccid paralysis, September 2018, Hiroshima City
  • Detection of multiple pathogens from patients with traveler’s diarrhea and information regarding the tests performed, August 2018, Akita Prefecture
  • An outbreak suspected to be due to Kudoa iwatai, August 2018, Nagano Prefecture
  • An outbreak suspected to be due to the parasite Unicapsula seriolae found in a greater amberjack, January 2018, Hiroshima Prefecture
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