IASR Vol. 33, No.11 (No. 393) November 2012

 topic 2011/12 influenza season, Japan

  • Analysis of influenza virus isolates in 2011/12 season
  • Prevalence of influenza antibody positives among population before the 2011/12 season—2011 NESVPD
  • Selection of the 2012/13 season influenza HA vaccine strains in Japan
  • Characteristics of subtypes A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H3N2), and type B influenza viruses isolated at the beginning of the 2012/13 season—Yokohama City 
  • On emergence of a novel coronavirus (HCoV-EMC) in 2012
  • A newborn case of Japanese spotted fever, August 2012—Nagasaki
  • Rubella epidemic and detection of rubella virus from an encephalitis case, March-August 2012—Kobe City
  • Rubella epidemic, January-September, 2012—Hyogo
  • A measles case whose virus detection by PCR was presumably affected by the condition of specimen from sampling to examination, June 2012—Nagano
  • Detection of enterovirus 71 from a patient with transient paralysis, July 2012—Aomori
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