Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases

Vol. 55 No. 5, P. 143-180, 2002

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Toward Understanding the Pathogenicity of Wild-Type Measles Virus
by Reverse Genetics
     Kaoru Takeuchi, Makoto Takeda and Naoko Miyajima
     pages 143-149 [Abstract] [PDF]

Original Articles
Isolation, Part Characterization, Immunogenicity, and Specificity
Study of Plasmodium falciparum Culture Supernatant
     Maung M. Mya, Arati Roy, Rajendra K. Saxena and Kunal B. Roy
     pages 150-156 [Abstract] [PDF]

Atypical Pathogens in Adult Patients Admitted with Community-
Acquired Pneumonia in Korea
     Seung-Joon Lee, Myung-Goo Lee, Man-Jo Jeon, Ki-Suck Jung,
     Hye-Kyeong Lee and Toshio Kishimoto
     pages 157-159 [Abstract] [PDF]

Analysis of Malaria Endemic Areas on the Indochina Peninsula Using
Remote Sensing
     Naoko Nihei, Yoshihiko Hashida, Mutsuo Kobayashi and
     Akira Ishii
     pages 160-166 [Abstract] [PDF]

Short Communications 
Absence of Association between the Fcg Receptor IIIA-176F/V 
Polymorphism and the Severity of Malaria in Thai
     Kazuya Omi, Jun Ohashi, Jintana Patarapotikul, 
     Hathairad Hananantachai, Izumi Naka, Sornchai Looareesuwan
     and Katsushi Tokunaga
     pages 167-169 [Abstract][PDF]

Leptospirosis among Rice Mill Workers of Salem, South India
     Kalimuthusamy Natarajaseenivasan, Marimuthu Boopalan, 
     Krishnaswamy Selvanayaki, Sudalaimuthu Raja Suresh and
     Sivalingam Ratnam
     pages 170-173 [Abstract][PDF]

Laboratory and Epidemiology Communications
A Case of Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome Associated with Shiga
Toxin 2-Producing Escherichi coli O121 Infection Caused by
Drinking Water Contaminated with Bovine Feces
     Jun Yatsuyanagi, Shioko Saito and Isao Ito
     pages 174-176 [HTML] [PDF]

Salmonella Serovar Montevideo Involved in a Food Poisoning
Outbreak at a Club for Elderly Persons in April 2002 in
Hyogo Prefecture
     Kokichi Hamada, Hidetaka Tsuji and Kahori Oshima
     pages 176-177 [HTML][PDF]

Isolation of a Wild Type Measles Virus Classified as 
Genotype H1 in Osaka City
     Hideyuki Kubo, Nobuhiro Iritani, Tsukasa Murakami
     and Kosuke Haruki
     pages 177-179 [HTML][PDF]
Molecular Typing of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus
aureus by Protein A Gene Sequencing
     Noriaki Mitani, Masato Ohnishi, Takayuki Masutani,
     Koichi Murakawa and Yasuyuki Okamoto
     pages 179-180 [HTML][PDF]

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