Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases

Vol. 56 No. P, P. 1-41, 2003

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Original Articles
A Two-Year Analysis of Risk Factors and Outcome in Patients
with Bloodstream Infection
     Andrea Endimiani, Antonio Tamborini, Francesco Luzzaro,
     Gianluigi Lombardi and Antonio Toniolo
     pages 1-7 [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence of Antibody against Hepatitis E Virus in Various
Species of Non-Human Primates: Evidence of Widespread Infection
in Japanese Monkeys (Macaca fuscata)
     Makoto Hirano, Xin Ding, Huy Thien-Tuan Tran, Tian-Cheng Li,
     Naokazu Takeda, Tetsutaro Sata, Shin Nakamura and Kenji Abe
     pages 8-11 [Abstract] [PDF]

Geographic Characterization of Hepatitis Virus Infections, 
Genotyping of Hepatitis B Virus, and p53 Mutation in 
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Analyzed by In Situ Detection of Viral
Genomes from Carcinoma Tissues: Comparison among Six Different
     Xin Ding, Young Nyun Park, Teresa Casanovas Taltavull, 
     Swan N. Thung, Xiaoming Jin, Yi Jin, Nguyen Sao Trung,
     Yoshihiro Edamoto, Tetsutaro Sata and Kenji Abe
     pages 12-18 [Abstract] [PDF]

Molecular Epidemiology of Hepatitis Viruses and Genotypic 
Distribution of Hepatitis B and C Viruses in Harbin, China
     Xin Ding, Hongxi Gu, Zhao-Hua Zhong, Xu Zilong,
     Huy Thien-Tuan Tran, Yohko Iwaki, Tian-Cheng Li, 
     Tetsutaro Sata and Kenji Abe
     pages 19-22 [Abstract] [PDF]

Short Communications 
Age Spicific Rubella Seroprevalence of an Unvaccinated
Population of Adolescents in Ankara, Turkey
     Nuray Oksuz Kanbur, Orhan Derman, Tezer Kutluk and 
     Erol Kinik
     pages 23-25 [Abstract][PDF]

Detection of Antibodies against Spotted Fever Group 
Rickettsia (SFGR), Typhus Group Rickettsia (TGR), and
Coxiella burnetii in Human Febrile Patinents in the Philippines
     Gerry Amor Camer, Marissa Alejandria, Miguel Amor,
     Hiroshi Satoh, Yasukazau Muramatsu, Hiroshi Ueno and
     Chiharu Morita
     pages 26-28 [Abstract][PDF]

Guillain-Barre Syndrome in a Pediatric Patient Following 
Infection Due to Leptospira
     Abhijit M. Bal, Renu S. Bharadwaj, Nadimpalli Gita,
     Suvarna A. Joshi and Jyotsna P. Thakare
     pages 29-31 [Abstract] [PDF]

Laboratory and Epidemiology Communications
Nalidixic Acid-Resistant Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi
with Decreased Susceptibility to Ciprofloxacin Casued 
Treatment Failure: A Report from Bangladesh
     S.M. Zahurul Haque Asna, J. Ashraful Haq and 
     Md. Mushfeque Rahman
     pages 32-33 [HTML] [PDF]

Multiresistant Shigella Species Isolated from Childhood
Diarrhae Cases in Kolkata, India
     Swapan Kumar Niyogi and Gururaja Perumal Pazhani
     pages 33-34 [HTML][PDF]

Recombination of Genotypes B and C in Hepatitis B Virus
Isolated from a Vietnamese Patient with Fulminant Hepatitis
     Huy Thien-Tuan Tran, Hiroshi Ushijima, Trinh Thi Ngoc,
     Le Dang Ha, Shigeki Hayashi, Tetsutaro Sata and Kenij Abe
     pages 35-37 [HTML][PDF]
Complete Nucleotide Sequence of Hepatitis B Viruse Isolated
from Two Infants with Fulminat Hepatitis 
     Kenji Abe, Tetsuya Kiuchi, Naoto Abiba, Huy Thien-Tuan Tran,
     Xin Ding, Mari Yamaguchi, Tetsutaro Sata and Koichi Tanaka
     pages 38-39 [HTML][PDF]

Serotyping of Human Group A Rotaviruses in Nara Prefecture, Japan
     Yoshiteru Kitahori, Yumiko Inoue, Hisakatsu Takebe and
     Shunsuke Imai
     pages 39-41 [HTML] [PDF]

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