Jpn. J. Infect. Dis., 59 (3), 211-212, 2006

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Laboratory and Epidemiology Communications

Dual Infection by Dengue Virus and Plasmodium vivax in Alappuzha District, Kerala, India

P. S. Thangaratham*, M. K. Jeevan1, R. Rajendran, P. Philip Samuel and B. K. Tyagi

Centre for Research in Medical Entomology, Tamil Nadu and 1Kerala State Institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases, T. D. Medical College, Kerala, India

Communicated by Ichiro Kurane

(Accepted May 15, 2006)

*Corresponding author: Mailing address: Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (ICMR), 4, Sarojini Street, Chinna Chokkikulam, Madurai-625002, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel: +91-452-2520565, 2530746, Fax: +91-452-2530660, E-mail:

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